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Space for discovery and inspiration

Explore the art galleries, spaces for discovery and inspiration, where you can enjoy exceptional works by talented artists. As you walk through this space, you will be immersed in a creative world, broadening your artistic experience and stimulating your imagination for new ideas. Be sure to visit the famous Estades Art Gallery for an unforgettable art experience.

Art and art gallery

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Exploring techniques and colours

Painting is an exciting journey that allows you to explore techniques and colours and artists to play with nuances and textures in order to create works that reflect their unique and personal vision of the world.


Sculpture, bringing matter to life

Sculpture, a fascinating art that brings matter to life, allows artists to transform various materials into three-dimensional works, revealing their vision and skills to capture the essence of a subject.

Printmaking, a refined artistic technique

Printmaking is a refined artistic technique, allowing artists to print their work on various surfaces using delicate processes, showing their mastery of gesture and sensitivity to detail.


Drawing, expressing one's vision of the world

Drawing is a way of expressing one’s vision of the world through the simplicity of a pencil and paper. This accessible and versatile art form invites artists to capture the essence of reality or to explore the depths of their imagination.

Art Installations

The Meeting
of Art and Space

Art installations represent the fascinating encounter between art and space, offering creators the opportunity to transform places into true works of art, inviting the public to interact and live unique experiences.

Abstract art

Abstract art: an invitation to contemplation

Abstract art: to contemplate, interpret, feel.

Figurative art: the art of representing reality

Figurative art: to represent, mirror, capture.

Urban art: the city as a playground

Urban art: expression, city, creativity.

Street art

Ephemeral art in the street

Street art is a form of ephemeral artistic expression, which uses urban spaces as a backdrop to present striking visual works. It allows artists to share their message and to stimulate the reflection of passers-by in their daily lives.

Graffiti, the ever evolving street art

Graffiti: urban, dynamic, evolving art.

art plastique

Plastic art, creation in three dimensions

Plastic art: creating, three-dimensional, materials.

Art design, the fusion of art and functionality

Art design: aesthetics, function, harmony

Contemporary Art
A contemporary reflection on our society

Contemporary art is a bold and progressive exploration of our society today. It offers a reflection on the issues and concerns of our time, while pushing the traditional limits of artistic expression.

Emerging Artists

Discover the talents of tomorrow!

Meet the emerging artists who are shaping the artistic landscape of tomorrow! As you explore their innovative work and follow their works, you will discover a world of creativity, inspiration and passion that defines these promising talents. Each of them brings a unique and refreshing vision through various art forms, capturing our imagination and enriching our culture. Don’t miss the opportunity to support these up-and-coming talents, as they may well be the future masters of art and the most influential voices of their generation.